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Referencia de la Estructura object_operations

All the permited operations an object can do. Más...

#include <object.h>

Atributos públicos

int(* obj_step )(void *)
int(* obj_action )(void *, SDL_Event *action)
int(* obj_alive )(void *)
void(* obj_destroy )(void *)
int(* obj_show )(void *)

Descripción detallada

All the permited operations an object can do.

Sort of function pointers that contains the overloaded versions of opoerations of each type of object. All this operations expect a private data pointer, generaly used for maintan the information relative to the especific object (ex. poition). For add an object you only have to code this functions and reister it on the world.

Documentación de los datos miembro

int(* object_operations::obj_step)(void *)

Do what you are ment to do baby!.

int(* object_operations::obj_action)(void *, SDL_Event * action)

This function codes what to do when this object recives an event(ex. event crash -> die).

int(* object_operations::obj_alive)(void *)

This returns if the object is active or alive.

void(* object_operations::obj_destroy)(void *)

This is just for release the resources it cosumes. It is called when the object "die" or finish the job.

int(* object_operations::obj_show)(void *)

This function draw the thhing in the display, it's separated from step becase of performance reasons.(I think)

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