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Referencia del Archivo object.c

#include <list.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <object.h>


object object_init (void *priv, struct object_operations *object_ops)
 It initializes an object. Más...

void object_destroy (object obj)
 It destroys an object. Más...

Descripción detallada

Object ADT implementation.

Documentación de las funciones

object object_init void *    priv,
struct object_operations   object_ops

It initializes an object.

You must call this function before using the object.

There isn't any error check in it (out of memory)
priv  The private data of the actual object implementation.
object_ops  The object operations overloaded for this kind of object.
An object

void object_destroy object    obj

It destroys an object.

It frees the resources of the object. You must call it when are not going to use the object anymore (ex. player dead)

obj  An initialized object

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